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Meet Sam Howard

Sam Howard is the pastor of The Gathering in Carmel. Sam’s passion is to help build a community of Christ-followers who will impact the larger world around them with the love, loyalty and friendship with Jesus.

Sam has always been somewhat eclectic in his career path. He began his journey as an ordained pastor after graduating from Bible College. Then, feeling called to help start a church outside of Indianapolis, he took what he believed would be a short term job as a pharmaceutical rep. That job turned into a 25 year career. During that time Sam remained active in ministry, teaching at conferences, leading worship, teaching Adult Bible classes, serving as an elder at East 91st St Christian Church, and helping as a remote elder for a church plant in Asheville, NC. He always believed that he would be back in full time Christian ministry. The dream of establishing a new church in Carmel, his home of nearly 20 years, took root in the summer of 2011.

Sam is thrilled to be doing what he loves: teaching the stories of God, listening to stories of the people around him, and hanging out in coffee shops, restaurants and homes meeting the people in his town.

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