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Join us Saturday Nights at 5:30 pm 




Saturday 5:30 p.m.

(free dinner to follow)

To change life as we know it through the love, loyalty and friendship of Jesus

Monon Square

624B S. Rangeline Rd.

Carmel, IN 46032

ph. (317) 853-7513



The Gathering is an authentic culture - a place of hope and belonging. Jesus is what guides us on this journey of life together.

Just be you

At a "gathering" you can expect a passionate culture, unique worship, Biblical reflection, spiritual renewal, and communion all followed by continued laughter, free food, conversations, and diversity.


Life is messy, our goal is to follow Jesus and do our best together. 


A word about kids-We LOVE them. There is a child care/class OPTION for children; toddlers - 3rd grade. Everybody else stays with the adults. We enjoy their sweet insights and encourage them to engage (or color and doodle as many prefer). 


At the Gathering we do life together. We believe in making a difference in our culture. In addition to the deep stuff, we like to play. We have nights to play games, watch movies, and just hang out. 



Believing is sometimes difficult. The more we learn, the more questions we begin to ask. In order to follow and love God more fully, we need each other!



The Gathering is a church inspired to touch God's heart and reach the wanderers in our culture to impact the world.


We are dedicated to sharing the stories of God and empowering others to nurture and share with their own tribe.

A Glimpse


Look around or take a listen.


Our Friends

The Story of God is a Broadway style musical. It tells the stories of the entire bible in 100 mins. of original music, and drama.

Sole Hope helps create jobs for shoemakers and tailors, while providing shoes to help prevent jiggers. You can help with your old pants and a party. 

This is a non-for profit shop whose proceeds are used to help African refugees establish a new life in America. 

India has many Truth Seekers. We join them on their path to bring India to the next step of a Truthseeker's journey: the Kingdom of Jesus.

The Next Door


Story of God


Our Friends
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