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Friends, Family, and Faith



Women's Bible Study


When: Every other Thursday




Like most things at The Gathering, the women's Bible study is authentic and casual. But when it comes to content you can expect deep reflection and pure scripture.

The Villages


The Villages are smaller groups that get together during the week to support and love one another. At any of our Villages you will find families coming together to study the Bible and support each other in everyday life. 


If you would like to check out a Village, please contact us or talk to anyone at a weekly gathering.



Gathering Prayers


Every Tuesday night at 7:30-8:30 we meet at The Gathering to pray. 


We always have room for more people. Come early or come late, just be be a part of it. 


For prayer requests, please use our contact form or drop a note in our offering basket anytime you are there. 

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